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August 2023

unica pro deep dive

Our co-founder Markus was interviewed by YouTuber Brian Quan and presented our unica pro in detail.

June 2023

In the News

Our unica pro gets recognized positively in the coffee community. Quote: “This machine is unique and does not fit into any category. You will hardly find a machine with more potential for espresso flavor experimentation.” Click here for the report

May 2023

Optimize extraction with flow profiling: Maximize the taste of your coffee

What exactly is flow profiling?

Flow profiling is the opposite of pressure profiling. To be more precise, flow profiling is the control over the amount of water per time that flows through the ground and compressed coffee in your portafilter during the brewing process.

In machines that support flow profiling, the flow rate is controlled and the brewing pressure varies depending on the resistance of the coffee. In the graphic below you can see a typical flow profiling extraction profile of the unica pro.

The blue curve (1) represents the flow rate, while the green curve (2) shows the pressure in the portafilter. The first phase of the brewing process (3) is called pre-infusion. Here, the coffee in the portafilter is wetted with water. This then begins to soak and releases CO2. At the same time, the pressure in the portafilter increases as the amount of water pumped increases. Pre-infusion is completed when the coffee is completely soaked and the first drop of coffee flows out of the portafilter. Subsequently, the actual extraction takes place (4).

Why is flow profiling beneficial?

The biggest advantage of flow profiling compared to pressure profiling is that coffee extraction is less affected by variations in coffee resistance in the portafilter. With flow profiling, you get consistent extraction results, regardless of changes in grind size or variations in tamping the coffee. As a result, the taste and quality of your coffee remain constant, as neither the extraction time nor the brew ratio change. In contrast, a change in the grind size in conventional 9-bar espresso machines inevitably leads to changes in the extraction time and therefore also in the taste of the coffee.


Flow profiling also helps to minimize channeling. This is because the flow rate during pre-infusion is controlled and adjustable here, allowing a smoother and gentler pressure build-up. As a result, less channeling forms. With conventional 9-bar espresso machines, the risk for channeling is much greater due to the constant pressure. This causes a rather hard pre-infusion and channeling is more likely to occur.

What makes the unica pro so special?

Pre-infusion at its very best:
With the groundbreaking Dynamic Flow pump and superior flow profiling capability, the unica pro offers unprecedented control over all brewing phases. And for pre-infusion, you have extensive parameters you can adjust to get the coffee quality you want. With the unica pro, you’re in the driver’s seat!

Intelligent flow profiling:
The flow profiling mode of the unica pro has advanced algorithms that prevent an overpressure scenario even at the finest grind. As a result, the flow rate is automatically adjusted to ensure perfect extraction. In doing so, the unica pro does its best to make up for lost time due to overpressure and maintain the desired brewing time.

User-defined recipes:
The unica pro goes beyond the usual measure of commercial espresso machines and gives you valuable feedback on the grind size after each extraction. You receive clear information about whether your grind size is too coarse, too fine, or optimally set. This means you always have full control over the brewing process and can further refine your skills as a barista.

Experience the unica pro and discover a new dimension in coffee brewing. With its innovative features, it sets new standards for brewing perfect coffee. Whether you are a professional barista or a passionate coffee lover, the unica pro will exceed your expectations

and give you an exceptional brewing experience. Whether you are a professional barista or a passionate coffee lover, the unica pro will exceed your expectations and give you an exceptional brewing experience.

February 2023

Video review of the unica pro

Dä Kafimaa von der Kaffeewelt GmbH hat die unica pro getestet. Hier ist seine Review…