A unique espresso machine that sets a new trend and combines absolute precision with design!

A unique espresso machine that sets a new trend and combines absolute precision with design!

Precise Flow Profiling

Changing the water flow rate is becoming increasingly popular among baristas and coffee enthusiasts because it gives them a different kind of control.
The unica pro gives you the ability to pre-define the amount of water that flows through the coffee puck at any given time, regardless of back pressure. This allows you to change the flavor of the espresso as desired and bring out more subtle flavors in the resulting espresso.

Ultra Fast Heating Time

No long waiting after power on. The unica pro is ready for you after just a few seconds.

energy consumption / year

Comparable dual boiler system

Most energy-efficent thermoblock espresso machine on the market to date

Our new unica pro

Programmable Hot Water Dispenser

Innovative hot water dispenser where you have 3 recipes to choose from and you can set the temperature and volume you want. No matter what you need hot water for, the unica pro delivers the desired amount at the desired temperature.

Simultaneous Milk Frothing and Coffee Extraction

The built-in 0.5 l steam boiler allows you to simultaneously froth milk during coffee extraction. The steam power is also sufficient for the high coffee throughput in the gastro area.

Cool Touch Steam Wand

The heat-insulated steam wand becomes only moderately warm even during prolonged operation. This effectively reduces the risk of scalding during operation, reduces the adhesion of milk residues and makes cleaning the steam wand very easy after frothing.

Steam Timer Function

The steam timer function allows you to foam your preferred amount of milk in a repeatable way.

Heated Cup Tray

In order to preheat the cups optimally, you have the possibility to adjust the temperature of the cup tray according to your individual needs.


With a touch screen, the unica pro is easy and intuitive to operate. This makes adjusting and setting customized extraction recipes or other settings a breeze.

Intelligent Espresso Machine

The unica pro is an intelligent espresso machine that uses our self-developed algorithms for extraction optimization and provides feedback after each extraction. This makes extraction a breeze even for inexperienced coffee enthusiasts or baristas.


The available USB port gives you an easy way to update the firmware on the unica pro or upload/download new recipes.

Create and Manage Recipes

With the unica pro, you can create and manage up to 24 recipes. And it comes with 4 standard recipes.


The unica pro is also an Internet of Things (IoT) device, which allows you to connect it to other devices via Wifi or Bluetooth. You can also update its firmware via this way or be notified when there are new firmware updates.


Flushing the brew group before or after coffee is brewed is important to ensure cleanliness of the brew group and consistent coffee taste. The unica pro detects when a portafilter is removed and performs an auto-flushing routine if desired. This function is individually adjustable.

Guided Cleaning Processes

In the menu you will find cleaning routines that guide you step by step through the cleaning process of the unica pro.

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

We deliver Swiss precision, technological innovation and advanced solutions for coffee preparation. If you value quality, you will choose the new unica pro.

Available in different colors

The unica pro is available in different colors.

Stainless Steel Water Tank

The unica pro has a stainless steel tank with a filling volume of 1.8 liters that can be easily removed from the front and simply put in the dishwasher for cleaning purposes.

Fixed Water Connection

It is also possible to operate the unica pro with a fixed water connection.

Manufactured entirely without copper and brass

Only food-approved materials are used throughout the unica pro's brewing path: No copper or brass. Mainly stainless steel and food-approved plastics are used.


Technical Data

Dimensions (H x W x D): 432 x 284 x 448 mm
Weight: 25 kg
Voltage: 230 V
Steam Boiler Capacity: 0.5 l
Tank Capacity: 1.8 l
Fixed Water Connection: Yes
Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.5 °C